During the surprise reunion show of Nirvana, Deer Tick Frontman John McCauley replaced Kurt Cobain. He spoke in an interview with Kyle Meredith and expressed his feelings about the Nirvana reunion show.

He said that ‘it was really heavy stuff’. Here’s the statement:

“I think Dave [Grohl] had been planning it for a while – in his head at least – but I didn’t hear anything about it until maybe four days before.

It’s hard to talk about, I was kind of just in shock the whole time. It was really an honor to do it, Nirvana was and still is one of my favorite bands. Their couple of records, that was my bible for my teenage years.

It was really heavy stuff. You could see that it was bringing up a lot of mixed emotions for Dave and Krist [Novoselic] when we were rehearsing the songs earlier that day. Being in the middle of that was a really special place, and something I will never forget.”

He also mentioned about his bandmates from Nirvana and said:

“At no point did I want my inner fan to take over. Krist, Dave, and Pat [Smear] are just really sweet guys. They’re completely normal people as far as rock and rollers go.

I felt very comfortable with them. There’s nothing strange about them, they didn’t feel otherworldly. It’s just playing music with a couple of guys.”

You can reach the entire interview from below. Also check out the In Bloom performance of John.