According to the latest reports of one of the most famous auction companies of America, Julien’s Auctions, late Nirvana legend Kurt Cobain’s ‘1959 Martin D-18E’ acoustic guitar will be on sale next weeks.

As you might already know, Kurt Cobain of Nirvana used that iconic guitar at ‘MTV Unplugged’ and ‘Music Icons’ performances in 1983. As Julien’s Auctions states, the auction will be made on June 19/20 in Los Angeles.

Julien’s Auctions did not make any official statements about the price of the guitar. However, the experts say that the starting estimate will be $1 million.

Here is the official statement of the web site:

“Some of the most iconic memorabilia and important artifacts ever assembled, representing the legendary multi-genre music artists of our time will be offered:

Kurt Cobain, Nirvana, Prince, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Johnny Cash, Jim Morrison, the Rolling Stones, Queen, David Bowie, The Police, Guns N’ Roses, Bob Marley, Elton John, Whitney Houston, Cher, and many more.”

And here is the rest of the statement:

“At the center of this event is the 1959 Martin D-18E played by Kurt Cobain throughout Nirvana’s most legendary performance in their live taping for the popular MTV Unplugged series on November 18, 1993.

Approximately five months before his death, Cobain chose this guitar to paint what Rolling Stone called “his last self-portrait.”

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