Nirvana tech Earnie Bailey has made a recent, exclusive interview with Ultimate-Guitar and revealed unknown details about Kurt Cobain’s guitars.

As you might read the statements of Earnie below, he stated that Kurt loves Fender guitars and revealed what Kurt was thinking about Fender.

Ultimate-Guitar asked:

“Tell me about the first time you met Kurt [Cobain], what did you talk about and what did you think of him?”

Earnie Bailey responded:

“The first few times we crossed paths, not much was said beyond renewed introductions. We were two quiet and introverted humans, so getting a read on each other was a slow process. After seeing them live a few times, I wondered if there was a pattern in his unusual choices of equipment and was curious to hear his thoughts on all that. So I had questions, and our first lengthy conversation covered the topic of unconventional guitars and circuits.

I can recall thinking the cadence of his conversation was unusual. He held strong, detailed opinions about music, art, and some of the guitar equipment, was cynical in his overall nature, asked as many questions in return.”

Ultimate-Guitar asked:

“Kurt seemed to have an affinity for Fender guitars. What was it about them that kept drawing him back?”

Earnie Bailey said that:

“I can’t speak with firsthand information for his reasons on this, but I am willing to speculate. Fender guitars are easy to disassemble and modify, if you are curious. This kind of experimentation with your guitar creates a closer connection, while advancing your knowledge of the instrument that you’ve chosen to carry with you through your career.

More practically, Fender guitars were the easiest guitars to acquire in a left-handed configuration and it was easy to find used ones. Replacement parts, except for pickguards and tuning heads, were also pretty easy to come by. So his affinity could have also come from availability.”

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