Former Nirvana and current Foo Fighters member, Dave Grohl had a new interview with Daniel P. Carter of BBC Radio 1’s Rock Show and made an interesting statement about Foo Fighter’s well-known iconic song, Everlong.

Dave Grohl admitted that at first, he considered that iconic song to be a Sonic Youth rip off.

Here is what Dave said:

“So that song kinda wasn’t meant to be. It was something that we were just messing around with as we were recording the songs that were going to be on the record. I just considered it to be a Sonic Youth rip off. Like, oh it sounds like “Teenage Riot” or something, it’s just the Sonic Youth riff, you know? We had recorded the record, had taken a break, and I sort of formed and wrote the song. I did a demo with it at my friend, Jeff Turner’s studio in Washington DC and the demo is exactly like the album version. Like it’s the same arrangements and everything.

He continued:

“So I brought it back to the guys and I remember playing it at David Bowie’s fiftieth birthday party at Madison Square Garden. Just saying, Sonic Youth was there as well and I remember playing it for Kim Gordon, thinking “I wonder if she will like it”. So there’s Kim and Thurston [Moore] and I played it and said “You gotta hear this demo I did” and they were like: “Why is that a demo, just put that out. That’s the song right there.”

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