Eve Barlow of The Guardian had a recent interview with Foo Fighters and Nirvana star Dave Grohl and revealed the untold stories of Nirvana and Foo Fighter’s iconic albums.

As talking “Alone + Easy Target” from 1995, Dave Grohl revealed the process of the album with a Freddie Mercury reference.

Dave Grohl admitted that when Nirvana left off, he didn’t imagine himself to be Freddie Mercury.

Here is his statement:

“I never imagined I would be the singer of a band. After Nirvana ended, I didn’t wanna play music. I sure as fuck didn’t wanna go be someone’s drummer. I knew that it would remind me of Nirvana. I’m very proud. Nirvana changed my life forever but there were times when I wanted to escape it. Just picking up an instrument or turning on radio made me so sad. Then I realized that doing the thing I’d always done – go to a basement, record by myself – might restart my heart.”

He continued:

“I went back in and he kissed me! That might have been the only time I ever felt validated by the band. I didn’t imagine I was gonna pick up where Nirvana left off. I didn’t imagine myself to be Freddie Mercury. I made 100 cassettes and handed them to friends. I called it Foo Fighters because I didn’t want people to think I was trying to be Tom Petty.”

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