A former Nirvana icon and current Foo Fighters frontman David Grohl was recently interviewed by ARTSEDGE in John. F. Kennedy Center and revealed the little-known story of how did he build his first band.

He also revealed how did he reject to make music like David Bowie and The Who.

Here is his statement, transcribed by Alternative Nation:

“Once I discovered this punk-rock music I realized you just need three chords and a big heart, you know? You just need to express yourself in the most simple form and it just opened up my whole world.

I came back to my friends in my neighborhood band and said:

“You guys, we can write songs too. Like we don’t have to play David Bowie songs or songs by The Who, we can write our own songs. We can write our own songs about anything that we want.”

My friends were like:

“Eh, let’s stick to The Rolling Stones songs, play kid parties or whatever.”

He continued:

“That’s a funny time for any kid also because you’re on this identiy hunt, you’re trying to figure out who you are – you’re trying to connect with things like:

“I connect to that,  that’s who I am, fuck thatthat’s not who I am, I’m like that. I’m like this and itbecomes your thing. Music just does that – when a song gets it’s hooks in you its because you identify with whatever it is.”

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