Former Nirvana star and current Foo Fighters member, Dave Grohl had a new conversation with The Guardian’s Eve Barlow and revealed a never told before story about him and Kurt Cobain.

According to Dave Grohl, late Nirvana legend Kurt Cobain kissed him in the bathroom while he’s having a bubble bath.

Here is the story from The Guardian:

“This song [Alone + Easy Target (1995)] was written in Grohl’s basement in 1992 after the Nevermind tour ended. On a trip to New York to play Saturday Night Live, Grohl went to Cobain’s hotel room to share it with him. “He was having a bubble bath,” recalls Grohl. He pressed play and left Cobain to soak in it. “I went back in and he kissed me! That might have been the only time I ever felt validated by the band.”

Some resented Grohl’s decision to keep playing. “I didn’t imagine I was gonna pick up where Nirvana left off. I didn’t imagine myself to be Freddie Mercury,” he says. “I made 100 cassettes and handed them to friends. I called it Foo Fighters because I didn’t want people to think I was trying to be Tom Petty.”

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