Yahoo! Entertainment’s Jon Wiederhorn published a recent article about the Nirvana’s legendary debut album Bleach and revealed an little-known Kurt Cobain statement.

In that interview, Kurt remembered his first gig with Nirvana, and explained why audition think he is a KISS member.

Here is his statement:

I was aware of punk in, like, ’78, ’79, through reading Creem magazine, but I was only, like, 12 at the time and was too young to find [punk] — especially living in Aberdeen, Wash. But I always felt that I wanted to get into it. Then in ’83 I finally found some people who had some punk rock.

I met the Melvins, who made me a few compilation tapes. The first punk rock song I heard was “Damage II” by Black Flag.

According to Kurt, in his first gig, he was so anxious that he drunk lots of red vines to get calm.

Here is what he said:

“I was so nervous at our first show, I vomited. I don’t think the wine I drank helped. It was red wine, like blood. They thought I was KISS.

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