Highly talented guitarist of Alice Cooper, Nita Strauss has posted a throwback photo in which she looks gorgeous on stage and said that her guitar consistently outshines her as she agrees with a fan’s reference to Harry Potter‘s wand.

The successful guitarist Nita Strauss has been recalling the times before the global pandemic a lot lately. Frequently sharing some great shots of herself taken during her performances or traveling on tour, Nita compares the old normal with the new one.

As you may remember, Strauss posted a cool picture of herself as she looks outside from a train when in New Zealand. She questioned the current status of the world by admitting that it would have never occurred to us to worry about being around strangers without a mask on back then.

Recently, Nita has added another nostalgic-themed photo to her Instagram feed and said her guitar consistently outshines her in pictures. She also stated that she is not totally mad at this situation. Praising the skills of Nita on guitar, most of her fans said that they both look awesome.

A fan, whose name is Evan, has made an accurate comparison about the photo and commented by asking Nita whether the guitar chooses its own shredder like the wand chooses its wizard in the Harry Potter. Nita Strauss agreed with her fan and said she totally believes it does sometimes.

Here is what Nita Strauss said in her latest Instagram post:

My guitar consistently outshines me in pictures and I have to say I’m not totally mad at it ✨”

A fan, whose name is Evan, asked Nita:

“A lot like in Harry Potter where the wand chooses the wizard does a guitar choose its shredder?”

Nita Strauss responded as:

“I totally believe it does sometimes!!”

You can see the post below.