Alice Cooper’s precious star and considered as one of the most talented female guitarists of recent times, Nita Strauss, has taken to her official Instagram page today and celebrated Guns N’ Roses legend Slash’s 55th birthday.

While Nita shared her sincere birthday message to one of her biggest childhood heroes of all time, she also tagged another legend, David Ellefson, on the photo. Alice Cooper guitarist added that she looks completely blue on the photo but it’s not something that could prevent her to share it.

Despite Guns N’ Roses icon Slash did not react to the post by commenting or liking it, Megadeth star David Ellefson made the most liked comment under the post. This rare image got almost 20K likes in a really short time.

Here is what Nita wrote under the photo:

“This picture is so rad that I don’t even care that I‘m blue 😭

Happy birthday, Slash!!! @imbluedabadeedbadie”

And here is the comment of David Ellefson under the photo:

“A fun show indeed! Happy birthday, Slash!”

Nita Strauss respondend and shared her longing to David:

“We miss you!”

You can check out the photo of David, Slash and Nita right below.