Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss spoke in a recent interview with BBC and named her rock god, which wasn’t her bandmate and mentor, Alice Cooper.

Nita Strauss joined Alice Cooper as a touring guitarist back in 2014, and her performance made her stick with the spot since then. Although she has been playing with Cooper for over years, apparently, it wasn’t enough for her to name him as her rock god.

In a recent conversation she joined, Strauss revealed that her rock god is no one other than famous guitar virtuoso, Steve Vai. As Nita said, he has been her favorite guitarist since she started playing guitar.

Furthermore, Nita pointed out that Steve has always been an inspiration for her because of his technique as well as his joy and passion for playing the guitar, which she tries to emulate in her own career. While praising the talent of Vai, Strauss also mentioned that every single player could learn something from him and stated that these are the main reasons why Steve Vai is her rock god.

Nita Strauss revealed her rock god:

Steve Vai has been my favorite guitar player since I first started playing guitar and always been my biggest inspiration because of not just his technique but the joy and passion in his guitar playing.

That’s something that I try to emulate in my own playing every day, and I think all guitar players could benefit from that as well. So, Steve Vai, you are my rock god.”

In addition to that, Nita previously showed her respect for Steve Vai when she released her debut studio album, ‘Pandemonium,’ and said that he was the main reason why she released the record.