Alice Coopers’ guitarist Nita Strauss has released her first solo album ‘Controlled Chaos’ in this year.

She talked in an interview with “In The Vault With Shanda Golden” and has revealed how Alice Cooper supported her about solo album project.

She said:

“He didn’t give me any specific words of advice, but he gave us a lot of encouragement. He and Shep Gordon, his manager, and everybody in the Alice camp have been so incredibly supportive [through] the whole process. Shep actually told me…

Halfway through the crowdfunding campaign, I did an event with Alice — the ASCAP Pop Awards — and I saw his manager, and Shep took me by the shoulder and said, ‘I was going to contribute to your Kickstarter [campaign], just to just to put my money in and help, but then I saw you didn’t need it.’ [Laughs] ‘You’re doing okay on your own.'”

On how Alice Cooper supported her, she said:

“Every step of the way, I’ll get a supportive e-mail or a text from management and from the Coopers, just saying, ‘Congratulations. We’re very proud of you.’ And Alice doesn’t have to be like that with anybody — he has no reason to do anything except what’s best for him.

But the fact that he’ll play our songs on his radio show, he’ll support us… You know, he’ll do anything in his power. He’ll do a guest song on the album. I know he sang on the new BEASTÖ [BLANCÖ] record. And anything that he can do to support us, he always has.”

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