Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss made a new question & answer session via her official Instagram Stories and revealed what she really thinks about both negative and positive comments.

One of the fans of Nita asked her how does she deal with the negative comment on social media, and Nita replied that question pretty wisely. She mentioned that the most important thing is to remember that no comment actually affects your life.

Furthermore, Nita mentioned that the positive comments are not gonna make you better as the negative comments aren’t gonna make you worse. Because of that, Nita said that you should only be focusing on working harder and getting better in the end.

One of the fans asked Nita:

“How do you deal with all the negative comments and this isn’t a question stay safe!”

Here is what Nita Strauss wrote:

“The most important thing to remember is that no comment really affects your life either way. The positive comments don’t make you any better, and the negative comments don’t make you any worse.

So you just do you boo! Put your head down and work hard, and let people complain if they want to… The only life they are changing with their negativity is their own.”

You can check out the post on his Instagram Stories below.

Photo Credit: Nita Strauss – Instagram