The touring guitarist of Alice Cooper and also solo musician, Nita Strauss, shared a new photo on her verified Instagram account today and shared the story of her latest journey to Nashville to record something new.

As you may already follow her social media accounts, Nita is working on a her second studio album following her debut album named ‘Controlled Chaos’ back in 2018. Her first solo album features 11 tracks including a Queen cover and there were no vocals in any of those songs.

In one of her latest interviews, Nita stated that the second album will feature her own vocals and she’s doing her best to sound it good. While she’s still working on the recording, Nita took her official Instagram page today and stated that her patience was tested because of car troubles and schedule changes.

However, Nita also stated that her new songs are coming out amazing and she’s playing her best so far. According to the caption, her upcoming solo album will be released this year.

Here is what she said:

“Let’s just say it’s been a week of Murphy’s Law here.

Our trip to Nashville to record has been an amazing one so far, BUT has also been a test of patience! From car troubles to schedule changes to $$ vet visits for both pups (they’re fine thankfully!), sometimes you just have to laugh!

I did Google as I was writing this to see when Mercury Retrograde is, and apparently it’s NOW… Go figure. On the plus side... These songs are coming out amazing. I feel like I’m really playing my best and being super creative in the studio… can’t wait to share this music with you all later in the year.

I’ve been living off coffee and 1st Phorm Level-1 bars in the studio all week!! Swipe up in my story to try- I’ve had a mint chocolate one for lunch literally every day, it really tastes like a candy bar. Anyone else getting hit hard by gremlins this Mercury Retrograde or is it just us?!”

You can check out the photo she shared right below.

Photo Credit: Nita Strauss – Instagram