The touring guitarist of Alice Cooper, Nita Strauss, was recently interviewed by Ultimate Guitar’s Justin Beckner this last week and shared the latest details about her upcoming album as well as how she decided to put other instruments to her second solo recording.

Yesterday, Nita posted a recent photo on her official Instagram page and announced that she’s still recording the upcoming songs of her second studio album. According to Nita’s statements, she’s playing her best guitar performance so far and the album will be released this year.

In her interview with Ultimate Guitar, Nita was asked whether adding other instruments and vocals changes the way she writes songs on guitar. Nita stated that he wanted to get out of her comfortable zone rather than thinking of the coolest guitar riff she can lay down.

On the other hand, Nita talked about if she has any hesitation to release a new album while the United States is still trying to ease the wounds of the coronavirus outbreak and she can’t tour right now. Nita stated that she’s so hopeful to make a tour in the fall this year.

Here is what she said:

“I think there’s been enough time since my first album, and I don’t feel like I have to wait for shows to release new music. While it might be a good business move, and I’m usually a businessperson, but I think when it’s time to put music out, it’s time to put music out.

I still feel very good about touring happening in the fall anyway. There are already bands announcing summer tours. So I feel very positive about touring later this year.”

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