The lead guitarist of Alice Cooper, Nita Strauss, has shared a new special video of herself with her longtime boyfriend, manager and occasional bandmate, Josh Villalta, on her official Instagram page.

In the video, they were sitting on the grass and the camera was moving away from them. Nita Strauss was looking very happy with him and of course, Josh too.

She wrote this with the video:

“With you, every day is an adventure ❤️
Happy anniversary my love. I’m proud every day of the man you are and the woman you inspire me to be ❤️ @thejoshv.”

In the comment section of the Instagram, Nita confirmed that she’ll be playing for Alice Cooper but there’s no plan for a tour with Van Halen legend Sammy Hagar.

An Instagram user named ‘Mike’ asked:

“Nita – Will you be playing with Alice Cooper on the Sammy Hagar tour?”

Nita Strauss saw the comment of Mike and answered the question:

“@mike9994 I’ll be playing with Alice this year, but we aren’t touring with Sammy Hagar.”

You can see the Instagram post right below.