In a recent appearance on 95.5 KLOS, Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss gave an insight into her solo career and noted the Alice Cooper song that she enjoys performing on stage the most.

In her remarkable career, Nita Strauss has worked with many prominent names and contributed to a great number of albums, soundtracks, and trailers. There is no doubt that working with Alice Cooper has been a milestone in her path to a successful career. She first performed with Alice Cooper in their tour with Mötley Crüe in 2014 when she replaced Orianthi.

She has been playing Cooper since that day, but Nita has also been leading a solo career. In 2018, she released her debut instrumental album, ‘Controlled Chaos,’ which has a heavy metal sound. After three years later, Strauss released a new solo song named ‘Dead Inside’ about two months ago. In ‘Dead Inside,’ she collaborated with Disturbed’s David Draiman, and it became her first work with a vocalist.

During the conversation, Nita said that she was pretty happy to collaborate with a powerful vocalist like David Draiman and their positive reactions. She also talked about her journey with Alice Cooper and reflected on her favorite track to play on stage. Nita stated that while performing on stage, the crowd is all that matters, and her favorite song is ‘Poison’ because it is a ‘crowd-pleaser.’

When asked about her favorite Alice Cooper song, Nita replied:

“It’s always fun playing the shreddy ’80s stuff, ‘The World Needs Guts,’ ‘Roses on White Lace.’

But for us, the biggest part of it is the fans and it’s the crowd. The songs like ‘Poison’ and ‘I’m Eighteen,’ ‘School’s Out,’ those get the big, big reactions, so ‘Poison’ might be my favorite just because it’s a crowd-pleaser.”

You can watch Alice Cooper’s Intro with ‘Poison’ below.