During a recent conversation with Cassius Morris, on SoundMojo’s Innersleeve program, Alice Cooper’s touring guitarist, Nita Strauss, talked about her experience being on stage with Alice Cooper and revealed her favorite song to perform.

As you know, Nita Strauss is one of the most talented rockstars of the 21st century and she has been touring with Alice Cooper since 2014. She is known for her excellent guitar skills, and great personality, which explains why she has a huge fan base. Some years before joining Alice Cooper, she ranked Number 1 on Guitar World’s list of ‘10 Female Guitar Players You Should Know.’

In a recent interview, she talked about her favorite Alice Cooper song and referred to the one she enjoys performing the most. As it turns out, it’s no other than ‘Roses on White Lace,’ and the reasons why are twofold. Firstly, while Alice Cooper and the band are performing the track, Cooper’s wife who’s a ballet dancer comes on stage in a dead bride ensemble in accordance with the lyrics of the song and they do a dance together on stage.

While the dance between Alice and his wife is going on, Nita Strauss gets to play her ‘favorite solo of the whole set, which is the most difficult one‘ which brings us to the second reason. Nita Strauss said that it’s a very challenging solo, written by the great Kane Roberts, who was Alice’s guitarist back in the late ’80s. Nita said she loves that song because it gives her a chance to push herself while witnessing an ultra-theatrical moment.

Here’s what Nita Strauss responded when she was asked about her favorite Alice Cooper song to play:

“I’ll go with my favorite one to play live because we just added it into the setlist. It’s called ‘Roses on White Lace.’ This is a song Ive been dying to play for a long time. And the way that we play it is really theatrical.

There’s this really cool moment where Alice’s wife, who is a ballet dancer, comes up in a full dead bride ensemble, in full white face in a bloody wedding gown and they do this incredible dance together across the stage.

And while they’re doing that I get to play my favorite solo of the whole set, which is the most difficult one. I really like the challenging solos. This is a Kane Roberts solo – Kane was Alice’s guitar solo in the late ’80s – and I had to ask him how he plays this one part because I couldn’t figure it out.

And so to have this ultratheatrical moment going on while I get to really push my own limits as a guitar player, that’s my favorite moment for sure.”

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