Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss was interviewed by Metal Edge, during which she talked about the legendary musician Alice Cooper’s personality and revealed whether he has any plans to retire soon.

Nita Strauss was a member of various bands such as The Iron Maidens, the Fire, Femme Fatale, and the video-game supergroup Critical Hit. In 2014, the talented musician joined Alice Cooper as a touring guitarist to replace Orianthi, and she has been on tour with him ever since.

Recently, Strauss started once again taking the stage with Cooper as a part of his US tour, which started on January 27, in Windsor and will end on April 24, in California. As a person who has been with Cooper for a very long time, the guitarist got fascinated by Cooper’s good personality, everlasting energy, and passion for music.

The guitarist stated that Alice Cooper is a very humble and kind person who has never failed his fans. Strauss drew attention to Cooper’s health and unbelievable performances on stage despite his age. Then, she added that Cooper said he has no plans to retire, which he made clear while they were celebrating his 74th birthday on the stage.

Strauss said in her interview that:

“The coolest thing about that is how down to earth Alice is, how humble and appreciative he is of the people that get him where he is today. You will never see this guy not stop for a photo or not shake someone’s hand. He’s just the most gracious person, and this guy, like you said, he’s been at the top of the game, one of the biggest in our industry for over half of a century.

I don’t know if anyone else can say that except The Rolling Stones. Who else can say that they’ve been at this level for over 50 years? Hardy anybody… He is so present all the time, so with it all the time. His health is amazing. We just celebrated his 74th birthday on the stage two nights ago.

He took the microphone back, and everybody was cheering. He said, ‘I only have one thing to say, and that’s the word retirement is not my vocabulary.’ That’s your birthday speech. That’s what you have to say at 74 and see people that are 74 out and taking their daily walk around the block or whatever. Then you see Alice Cooper kicking ass around the world once a year touring. It’s just inspiring for me for sure.”

You can watch the interview below.