During a recent interview with ‘Duke TV,’ Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss told the story of the funniest stage injury she has ever had on stage with Alice Cooper.

First of all, Nita shared their routine of how do they close their show with Alice Cooper. According to Nita, at the end of each show, Alice throws balloons with a sword to entertain the audience.

But in that particular show she indicates, the balloons were tied with a zip-tie, and zip-tie hit her face. Nita said that her lips bleed after that accident.

Here’s what Nita Strauss stated:

“The props we use on-stage, they’re all real – the swords and knives and whips and stuff – it’s all sharp. So I’ve gotten sliced and diced…

The funniest injury I had was – you know, we had the big balloons at the end, and Alice pops them with a sword. But the balloons are tied with a zip-tie. So actually, the zip-tie hit me in the face and I got a bloody lip.

It looked really cool like I got into a fight. ‘Oh, what happened to you?!’ I’m, like, ‘Balloon… [Laughs] I got beat up by a balloon, no big deal.'”

Alice previously told ‘Bayrock NZ’ about the props which are used onstage. He said:

“I always tell my band one thing. I said, ‘I can guarantee you three things: you’re gonna get paid, you’re gonna see the world, you’re gonna get stitches,’ Everybody in the band has had stitches at some point.

Because the swords I use on stage are not rubber. In fact, the sword that I use on stage actually belonged to Errol Flynn. I kind of wield this.

Every once in a while, if you get too close, you might get hit on the arm or the leg or someplace. It’s a matter of pride. ‘Did you get your stitches yet?’ ‘Yes, I did.’ It’s like your mark.”

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