Alice Cooper touring guitarist Nita Strauss was recently interviewed by The Sessions Panel and talked about her long-time partnership with iconic Japanese instrument brand Ibanez as well as receiving an ‘Inspire Award’ at the seventh annual of She Rocks Awards.

As you may already follow Nita Strauss’ career, she had to leave high school to pursue a full-time career in the music scene and joined The Iron Maidens which was the first-ever all-female tribute act to legendary Irom Maiden.

After the great success of the band, the three members of the band became the first female musicians who had their own signature guitars. While Nikki Stringfield had an agreement with Schecter, Courtney Cox shook hands with Caparison and Nita Strauss signed a contract with Ibanez.

In her latest interview with The Session Panel, Nita opened about how he became the first-ever female artist with Ibanez Jiva and Nita admitted that she had that agreement with Ibanez while she was sending emails and answering calls as the fake manager of herself.

Here is the story:

“I should say before I move on from that subject, I’m so lucky that Josh V, aside from being a fantastic boyfriend and drummer, is a great manager.

He’s been managing my career since 2015, and he handles a big portion of that workload, the business nuts and bolts of it.

When I used to really do everything myself, I was my own fake manager, and I would send emails, and my manager was never available to talk on the phone because it was just me. I was constantly getting taken advantage of. So it is important to have good people around you as well.

For my signature guitar, the Ibanez Jiva, I’ve been an [Ibanez] artist for 10 years from 2008 to 2018, and then in 2018, I became the first female to be a signature artist, which was a huge, huge honor.”

She continued:

“Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, all those names, these are all Ibanez artists. So to be the first girl that got to do it was huge.

And now they have Yvette Young and Lari Basilio, two incredible female artists that have signature guitars as well. So it’s nice to be the first but it’s way nicer to be the first of many.”

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