Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss spoke in a recent interview with Kylie Olsson and talked about her career as well as her retirement from the scene.

In the conversation, the interviewer Kylie Olsson asked Nita if she had ever felt like she didn’t want to play anymore, but Nita revealed that she didn’t have experienced any burnout problems so didn’t think about it during her career.

Furthermore, Nita stated that she wants to retire at some point and explained the reason why she would do such a thing. As Nita mentioned her age, she also said that she wants to have a family in the future.

Therefore Nita might take a time off and stay out with her family. However, she might return to the stage and play on some of the shows because of the fact that she really loves music.

Interviewer asked:

“Have you ever felt like you didn’t want to do it anymore?”

Nita Strauss replied:

“I don’t know if I really have the thought that I don’t want to do it anymore, I’m 34, at some point, I would like to have a family, and have kids, be a mom…

When that happens, I think I would want to take some time away. But even in that situation, I don’t think it will be like, ‘I’ll never do it again.’

It will be like to take a step out of this arena and stay over here. I’ll always have my heart in the music business, I’ll always continue to play the guitar and write music, and probably still come back and play some shows, and tour, do what I love.

But I definitely consider having a time in the future when I take a step back from the constant of go-go-go and take a little bit of a breath and have a long life.”

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