On Instagram, the current guitarist of Alice Cooper, Nita Strauss shared a picture of herself on stage saluting the fans with a custom made t-shirt and states how awesome this is.

Nita Strauss, who has been the guitarist of Alice Cooper since 2014, posted a photo of her from a previous concert wearing a custom made t-shirt her last name ‘Strauss‘ written on it. She stated that this might be the best way to show your support to your favorite bands.

Strauss also asks the opinion of the fans whether they thought to wear the t-shirts of the bands is cool or not. In the caption of the post, Nita wrote she thought it was a really cool way to show your support to the band.

Here’s what Nita stated in the caption of her recent Instagram post:

“Wearing the shirt of the band you’re going to see: Cool or Uncool?⁣

I vote cool! I love seeing people wear my shirts when I’m on stage playing! I think it’s an awesome way to show support for the artist you’re there to see 🤘🏻🤘🏻⁣

If you vote uncool: explain why it’s uncool, I’m totally curious!⁣”

The fans seemed to love the idea since the post received more than 18,000 likes. We compiled some of the reactions of the fans to Nita’s idea:

An Instagram follower named Jenn Rogers wrote:

“Totally cool! Do you know how hard it is to choose which one of your shirts I want to wear?! It’s like I need a roulette wheel just to choose”

Another fan nicknamed Jule Grotesque wrote:

“Absolutely cool! Best Dresscode for a concert evening! 🖤🤘”

A follower named Arnold Cummins added:

“Cool. Shows support and respect. Almost disrespectful to wear a different band shirt imo. Be positive, be supportive.”

Check out Nita Strauss’ post on her official Instagram account below.