During a recent interview with Nick Hausman for Wrestling Inc., Alice Cooper’s touring guitarist, Nita Strauss, talked about her upcoming second solo studio album and gave some details about how it’s going to be while revealing that she’ll be collaborating with one of her ‘favorite female singers out there on the scene.’

As you might remember, back in 2018 Nita Strauss had launched a Kickstarter campaign for her debut album ‘Controlled Chaos.’ The campaign was a great success and in just two hours, she managed to raise eight times more than her initial goal. Following that Strauss decided to produce her first record herself, play all the bass and guitar parts, but also do most of the engineering.

At the beginning of February, the successful rockstar had announced that she’s started working on her second solo album and in less than two months, in mid-March, she had said that her album is almost done. During her recent interview, Nita talked about the things she’s planning to do differently this time, one of which is to collaborate with other artists.

In the interview, Nita said that in this album, she just wanted to be there ‘as an instrumental guitar player’ and show her talents as a songwriter as well. When asked about the names of the guest vocalists, Strauss said that she can’t reveal them yet but added that she’s going to be collaborating with one of her favorite female vocalists and that she’s so excited that she’ll get to work with her.

Here’s what Nita Strauss said during the interview:

“I am so excited about it. And the big departure is I’m actually gonna have some guest vocalists on this one. That’s something I didn’t do previously. I just wanted to sort of make a stand as an instrumental guitar player. And this time around, I kind of wanna show what I can do as a songwriter as well. So there’s gonna be a couple of songs that are more traditional hard rock songs that have guest vocalists on it that I’m really excited about.”

This is what she said when she was asked who the guest vocalists are going to be:

“I cannot say just yet. But I will say that one that I have confirmed is one of my favorite female singers out there on the scene right now, and I’m very, very excited to finally get to collaborate with her on something.”

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