Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss recently talked about Alice Cooper’s forthcoming album during a conversation on WRIF radio station. Strauss revealed that the band played a significant part in the writing for the first time.

As you may recall, Alice Cooper’s latest album, ‘Detroit Stories,’ was released on February 26, 2021. Cooper reflected his versatility once again as he returned to his hard rock and blues roots. The album’s music was primarily associated with Cooper’s early times and praised for its intense content. Alice Cooper has been touring to promote ‘Detroit Stories,’ but he also has been working on a follow-up album.

During the interview, Nita Strauss informed their fans that Alice Cooper will be touring in support of ‘Detroit Stories’ this year as well and discussed their upcoming record. Although Strauss stated that she doesn’t have any information on the exact release date of the forthcoming album, she still gave a few details about it. The rocker said that the album is still in progress, and they have been working hard on it.

Later on, Nita Strauss also revealed that they have already recorded some parts of the album and the writing process is different for this time. Strauss said that it is her eighth year in the band, and it was the first time that Alice Cooper got his band’s help during the writing of the tracks. She also stated that they really enjoyed creating Alice Cooper’s music, and it was also a big honor to be in the studio with the legendary producer Bob Ezrin and Alice Cooper.

Nita Strauss is speaking on the upcoming Alice Cooper album:

“I actually have a call with the band this weekend to discuss the progress of it. The last that I heard, we were in Nashville working on it. The band and I sat down and recorded quite a bit of music for this upcoming record. The band did also have a huge part in the writing this time, which is the first time that’s happened in the eight years that I’ve been in the band.

So it was really, really fun — really exciting for us to get to work with a legend like Bob Ezrin. It was a huge, huge honor to be in the studio with him and Alice creating what we hope will be some more Alice Cooper music to just add to his legacy.”

You can watch the full conversation below.