Alice Cooper’s touring guitarist Nita Strauss recently spoke about playing with him on tour and stated that Cooper is on fire and definitely at the top of his game.

Nita Strauss started touring with Alice Cooper in 2014 and has been his long-term touring guitarist ever since. Strauss and Cooper have been colleagues and friends throughout the years, and their relationship has never been better.

Besides appreciating her guitar skills, Cooper allowed her and the rest of the band members to join and help him in his songwriting recently, which shows the close relationship between the Godfather of Shock Rock and his backing band. However, they are currently busy touring, with dates extending until June 2022.

In a recent interview midst touring, Strauss was asked how Cooper was doing. She replied by saying that he is at the top of his game and is in ‘great spirits.’ After saying that Alice is on fire, Nita discussed the songs on the setlist and revealed that they are currently doing more songs from the ’80s.

Here is what Strauss said about Cooper:

“He’s fantastic. It’s his 74th birthday tomorrow, we had a birthday party for him last night. He’s at the top of his game, in great spirits singing his ass off every night. Just performing like that legendary person you would expect. He’s definitely firing on all cylinders.”

Here is what Strauss said about the tour setlist:

“There is no unfunny song. I think a good set is like a roller coaster. You know, you start out, and you have these peaks and valleys, and it all flows really nicely. So, the whole set is fun. But I have an extra good time doing the Kane Roberts stuff, ‘80s Alice. We’re doing a lot of that in this particular setlist.

We’re doing ‘Roses on White Lace,’ we’re doing, ‘Teenage Frankenstein.’ We added, ‘Bed of Nails,’ ‘Hey Stoopid.’ Kind of like the more up-tempo, fun, shreddy ’80s stuff. So that’s what I have the best time with probably.”

Watch her interview below.