In a new interview with the Guitar World, Nita Strauss commented on the process of leaving Alice Cooper to join Demi Lovato’s band. She also addressed the problems she went through after leaving Alice.

Since the 1960s, Alice Cooper Band has been giving a new impulse to rock music, especially by introducing a theatrical form of heavy metal. The band has a dynamic structure, and the members change from time to time. One of these changes was Nita Strauss’ replacement of Orianthi in 2014. For eight years, Strauss continued to play with the band and received positive feedback about her guitar skills from fans and rock giant Alice Cooper.

After an eight-year of tenure, Strauss announced on social media that she would take a break from Cooper’s band. After her departure, she joined Demi Lovato‘s live band as a touring guitarist, and Cooper replaced Strauss with former bandmate Kane Roberts.

While Strauss repeatedly highlighted that she had no problems with Cooper when leaving the band and that she might return later, her fans were more upset about this decision than anticipated. Strauss had also previously stated that leaving Alice Cooper and joining Demi Lovato’s band became a tiring process for her.

During an interview with Guitar World, the young guitarist explained why her departure turned into a big fiasco.’ It seems that her fans’ reactions have exhausted Nita. Noting that Cooper was very supportive and encouraging when she shared her decision to leave the band, Nita explained that she wanted to leave the group simply because she wanted to try something new.

Nita described her experiences about leaving the band in her own words:

“He gave me a big hug and said, ‘Absolutely, go do it; we’ll see what happens from there; we are excited for you and proud of you.’ I think his exact words were, ‘Go and shine your light there, bring what you’ve learned to the world.’ So from my point of view, it was never like, ‘Peace, I’m out!’”

And she continued:

“I asked if I could take a step back to try this thing, and Alice told me to go have fun. Then it became this big fiasco. Maybe in hindsight, I could have made statement-making things more clear, but I didn’t really think I owed it to anybody. I wanted to try this new gig out and see where it goes from there.”

Although Nita insists that she has no problem with her departure and Alice, her fans’ reactions seem to put her in a difficult situation. Nita is also working on her solo music, and she released the single ‘Summer Storm.’ On August 30, the music video for the song was made available on Youtube.

You can watch the music video of ‘Summer Storm’ below.