Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss has shared a new video on her official Instagram account today and showed the unseen moments from their studio rehearsals while working on her upcoming solo album.

As you may already know, Nita has released her latest studio album named ‘Controlled Chaos’ back in 2018 and it features 10 never-released-before tracks as well as the cover of legendary Queen track ‘The Show Must Go On.’ She was on guitar and bass on the whole album and now, it seems Nita is recording her upcoming solo album.

As you will watch the video by clicking the link below, Femme Fatale star Katt Scarlett shows her incomparable skills on the keyboard parts on the song and according to Nita, this performance literally brought her to tears more than once. She also did not forget to give credit to the instrument they have used during the recording, the Japanese multination corporation Korg’s Kronos.

Here is what Nita wrote in the caption:

“Spent the week working on 🎹 for my upcoming album with the incomparable Katt Scarlett… Her keyboard parts on the fast songs are amazing but I have been literally brought to tears more than once by what she plays on the ballads 😭 Here’s a little piece of what we’re working on. 🖤”

She continued:

“The sounds and versatility of the Korg’s KRONOS have been such a vital part of this process… Playing all the right notes won’t have the same impact if you don’t have the right tone!

(I barely play and even I was in there for an hour last night making noise on this thing haha)”

Click here for the video.