Considered as one of the most talented female guitarists of the era and also Alice Cooper’s touring star, Nita Strauss, has posted a new photo today and announce her upcoming podcast and the book she recently read that may change her fans’ life.

As you might already follow the Instagram account of Nita, he’s sending regular posts about one of her popular writers of all time Ryan Holiday who is considered as one of the most foremost thinkers of the world right now. Ryan’s books have been translated into more than 30 languages and he’s currently living in Austin, Texas.

In her latest Instagram photo, Nita Strauss has announced that she will co-host Daily Stoic’s ‘Find It Wherever You Get Your Podcasts’ this week and they will talk about the coronavirus pandemic and their mutual love for the legendary heavy metal band Iron Maiden.

Here is what Nita Strauss said:

“If you guys have been following me for a while, you know the massive impact that Ryan Holiday’s books have had on my life. Absolute game-changers for the way that I approach life and problem-solving.

So it was an absolute honor to get to chat (albeit remotely) with Ryan on the Daily Stoic podcast about how ancient teachings apply today, how to change gears in a pandemic, and of course, our mutual love of the mighty Iron Maiden.”

She continued:

“Look for the Daily Stoic podcast on iTunes, Spotify, or just swipe up in my story! And if you haven’t read ‘The Obstacle Is The Way’ yet, just take one piece of advice from me and pick it up. It may just change your life the way it changed mine…”

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