Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss spoke in a recent interview with Rob’s School Of Music and praised Metallica while giving some tips for the young musicians.

In the conversation, Nita said that there will be people that always doubt you and criticize the work you have done. Because of that, Nita mentioned that you should only focus on yourself all the time.

Moreover, Nita wanted to give examples about this topic and stated that people will thrash talk with Metallica if they release something new even though they are the biggest metal band ever existed in history.

Additionally, Nita pointed out that even Led Zeppelin’s iconic song ‘Stairway To Heaven’ would come out today, people would be complaining about the song and whining about it on social media all the time.

Here is what Nita Strauss said:

“I was just having this conversation this morning with Josh . You take a band like Metallica — we were just talking about Metallica — the biggest metal band that has ever existed in the history of metal bands, and they put out something new, and people trash-talk it all over it.

If ‘Stairway To Heaven’ came out today, people would be just complaining and whining on YouTube and in the Blabbermouth comments and all this stuff.”

She continued:

“You can’t please everybody — not in this day and age. So you need to not focus too much on pleasing everybody and not focus too much on the naysayers and the negativity that’s out there, and focus on working as hard as you can, performing as best as you can.

Always be early. Show up ready to play. Don’t be asking a lot of questions when you get there. Show up super prepared. Always be 15 minutes early. Always be the most professional, the easiest to deal with…”

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