Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss revealed on her official Instagram account that she has been suspended from Facebook after trying out an experiment.

The 34-year-old guitarist pointed out there was an event on Facebook during which people would tag their favorite artists in the comments, and she decided to reply to all the fans that mentioned her name.

Unfortunately, the Facebook algorithm thought that Nita’s comments didn’t follow the  Community Standards of the application and didn’t allow her to reply to her fans due to the possibility of being spam.

Therefore, she decided to share her own post on Instagram and wanted all of her fans to share their thoughts and questions in the comment section so that Strauss could reply to as many as she can.

After a short period, over 2K people headed to the comment section and showed their appreciation to the guitarist. While some of them praised her talent and beauty, others asked questions about her career.

Nita Strauss explained the reason why she received a suspension:

I tried a little experiment on Facebook this morning and got blocked from responding to comments. So let’s move it over here to IG and see how long it lasts! Original text below:

There’s this trend going around Facebook right now: ‘Tag your favorite artist and see if they reply to you.’

I’m very thankful for the people who tagged me, and I wanted to reply to everyone- but now so many pages have hopped on this trend there is no way I can see them all! So! Let’s make our own, right here.

Comment whatever you want on this post here, and I’ll reply to as many as I can! Got a question? I’ll try to answer. Seen a show on this tour? Tell me about it! Leave an emoji, get an emoji back. Let’s use this comment section to show appreciation to each other!”

You can check out the photo Nita posted on Instagram below.

Photo Credit: Nita Strauss – Instagram