Alice Cooper’s touring guitarist and solo musician, Nita Strauss, posted a new photo on her Instagram Stories to reveal her latest health status after rolling her ankle during her workout.

As you might recall, Nita Strauss released her first studio album named ‘Controlled Chaos’ three years ago, which consisted of eleven instrumental tracks, including the cover of the legendary Queen song ‘The Show Must Go On.’ During an interview, Nita stated that her second studio album will feature vocals and that she has been collaborating with various musicians.

Aside from being a talented guitarist, Nita is also the creator of a three-month fitness challenge named ‘Nita Strauss Presents: Body Shred Challenge.‘ The participants have the chance to win prize packages valued at over $2,500 while working out in their homes and taking part in monthly mini-challenges.

Nita recently started ‘Body Shred V,’ as she has been working hard to get in shape for her upcoming tour with Alice Cooper. According to the photo she posted on her Instagram Stories, Nita rolled her ankle during a workout. Thus, Strauss decided to rest for a couple of days to recover completely before Alice Cooper’s upcoming tour, which will start at Ovation Hall at Oceans Resort Casino in New Jersey on August 17, 2021.

Here is what Nita captioned:

“I rolled my ankle one of my last days’ training in Nashville, and since the tour is finally coming up, I made the decision to rest it, cut the 2-day workouts, and drop out of 75 Hard.

Super disappointed at not finishing. But it will always be my priority to be %100 on stage for you guys. And I know I can always start over once I’m healed up.”

You can check out the photo she shared below.

Photo Credit: Nita Strauss – Instagram Stories