On her Official Instagram page, Nita Strauss, one of the best female guitarists in the world, shared a post with Alice Cooper, the legend himself, and his wife Sheryl Goddard. She shares a picture from a charity event for Starkey Hearing Foundation and states how emotional it was.

In the caption section of the post, she opened up about the event happened 3 years ago in Rio de Janeiro. Nita, Alice, Sheryl and other rest of the band had the opportunity to give hearing aids to those in need. While describing that day she gets emotional and says:

“We fitted over a hundred children and adults with hearing aids and got to experience so many incredible moments, from a child hearing their mother’s voice for the first time, to an old woman, a lifelong professional singer, hearing her singing voice for the first time in years.

So many indescribable moments (and a lot of tears!!!) I hope we can do a lot of more work with this incredible foundation when touring world starts back up!!”

We all know that Nita often replies to comments under her posts. She replied a few comments on this post too. She revealed a touching fact about that day in one of those replies.

A fan said:

Omg I would sob. How cool is this.

Nita replied:

“We cried ALL DAY LONG.”

You can see the Instagram post below.