Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss has shared a new photo on her official Instagram account and revealed a hilarious story with Alice Cooper.

In the caption of her photo, Hurricane Nita said that the photo was taken during a concert after Alice Cooper accidentally smacked the plectrum and dropped from her hand. In addition, she stated that she should always be ready against these accidents when she is with him.

Here’s what Nita captioned:

“True story: this photo was taken the exact moment after Alice Cooper smacked the pick out of my hand mid solo.

Always keeps us on our toes, that guy 😂 What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen happen at a concert?”

An Instagram user named enrique0116 commented and said:

“Guitar assassin on etsy has an awesome pick holder you can put anywhere on your guitar. I put it on the headstock in front of the tuning pegs. I’m not him. 🤘”

Another fan named seabass_asaro wrote:

“Lol was it an accident or did he do it as a joke? Either way that’s pretty funny.”

See the Instagram post below.