Alice Cooper‘s talented guitarist Nita Strauss posted a picture of herself with her new kitten on Instagram and her name proved Nita’s love for a famous heavy metal band: ‘Pantera

The iconic guitarist of Alice Cooper, Nita Strauss has been known for her admiration for the legendary heavy metal band Pantera. Nita even performed a cover version of Pantera’s ‘Walk‘ along with Grim Reaper guitarist Nick Bowcott to pay tribute to the late drummer of the band Vinne Paul in 2018.

Recently, on Instagram Nita Strauss posted a picture of herself with her black kitten and she introduced her new pet with the fans as ‘Pantera.’ She again showed her respect to the band by naming her cat after them.

Additionally, on the caption of her post, Nita stated she was worried about the behaviors of her cat at that moment since she was acting a little weird than usual. She asked the fans and friends to send ‘positive vibes’ to make Pantera better:

Pantera is feeling a little low energy today so she has claimed this spot for the day 😽 Send positive vibes! As a first-time kitten mommy, I worry 😔🙏🏻

Nita’s post received more than 34K likes and many comments on Instagram.

Here are some of the comments of her fans:

A fan nicknamed Furiosity wrote:

Pantera 🤣 Genius name for a cat!

A fan named Mike Akerholm commented:

Sending huge positive vibes for little sweet Pantera❤️❤️

Another fan named Lee also appreciated the name:

Aww such a cutie! Pantera is probably the best cat name I’ve ever heard, so perfect. Enjoy the snuggles 🥰

You can see the picture Nita Strauss posted on her official Instagram account below.