Nita Strauss, who is the current guitarist of Alice Cooper, posted a picture of her toned body and shared her secret recipe to make that happen.

Strauss has been famous for being the number 1 Guitar World’s list of ’10 Female Guitar Players You Should Know.’ However, nowadays she is also in the public eye for her shaped body and her devotion to a healthy lifestyle.

Nita Strauss also mentioned how hard it had been for her not to be able to go to her gym during these lockdown days due to coronavirus. She states she has been missing the gym and asks for workout advice from the fans.

Furthermore, Strauss gave the recipe to her flawless body shape and the long list showed that her strong physique didn’t happen by chance.

Check out Nita Strauss’ full statement about her workout and meal plan:

“I’m starting to really, really miss the gym. How are you guys staying active during the lockdown? Give me some favorite home workout tips!⁣

I’ve been using power block dumbbells, resistance bands, and trxtraining in our backyard and following my Rpstrength diet plan so I stay on track! Food has been the biggest struggle for me to stay consistent, so having their plan and recipes to follow using trifecta system a la carte protein and veggies has definitely been a blessing!!⁣”

Check out Nita Strauss’ post on her Instagram page below.