Alice Cooper’s touring guitarist, Nita Strauss, recently posted a video on her Instagram account and reminded her fans of one of her last performances with Alice Cooper before the COVID-19 outbreak while wondering whether she should wear her Mortal Kombat face mask when they start touring again.

There’s no doubt that Nita Strauss is one of the most talented and well-known rockstars of the 21st century and although she has been in the music scene since 2003, her fame increased after she started touring with Alice Cooper in 2014. Aside from a famous rockstar, she’s also a famous social media personality and enjoys interacting with her fans.

Nita Strauss is often referred to as ‘the greatest guitarist of the 21st century’ as she has ranked Number 1 on Guitar World’s ‘10 Female Guitar Players You Should Know‘ and she’s known to be the firstever female Ibanez signature artist with her custom-made guitar, the Ibanez JIVA10, which is now sold in three different versions.

In her recent Instagram post, Nita Strauss recalled one of the last performances she gave out with Alice Cooper at the beginning of COVID-19. She showed off her ‘Mortal Kombat inspired Kim Dylla mask’ and stated that she feels like she was ‘very ahead of the trend.’

Here’s what Nita Strauss said in the caption of her Instagram video:

“Will it be weird to wear my Mortal Kombat inspired Kim Dylla mask when we go on tour again? Legitimately wondering… thoughts? I do feel like I was very, very ahead of the trend here 😷

(I left the rest of the solo in the video because its fun and I miss playing it.)

Video by Black Wolf Metal on YouTube – funny enough, I think this is the exact same moment that gif of me is from!”

Click here to check out Nita Strauss’s post and you can watch the whole video below.