The touring guitarist of Alice Cooper, Nita Strauss has shown up on Instagram to calm down her fans who were outraged on her behalf as they’ve thought she was announced as a bassist during the latest Los Angeles Rams home game.

As you might know, one of the most successful women guitarists of all time, Nita Strauss, has taken over the Los Angeles Rams home games this season at NFL with her spectacular guitar solos, cheering up the players in the new SoFi Stadium in her hometown.

Strauss has been putting forth extremely energetic performances along with DJ Mal-Ski with no fans in the arena due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Though the fans cannot enter the stadium, they have kept standing by Nita.

In her recent performance, during the game of Los Angeles Rams against New England Patriots, Strauss was announced as ‘LA-based guitarist,’ however, the majority of her fans thought that the announcer called her bassist and reacted to him immediately.

Nita has posted the section which led to a great misunderstanding on Instagram and made them eased about the issue. While thanking for the shout out, she explained what the announcer actually said. She also said that she loves many of her fans for being so righteously outraged on her behalf.

Here’s what Nita Strauss said in her latest Instagram post:

“Thanks for the shout out tonight, NFL!! It’s an honor to rock the Rams House for you guys. 🏈

(Btw, he said LA-Based, not bassist. 😆 But I love many of you for being so righteously outraged on my behalf. ❤️)”

You can see the post below.