Speaking in a recent interview with Rolling Stone Argentina magazine, Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher explained his thoughts about his solo career.

He said that he is better than his Oasis years. Here’s the statement:

“Ten years later, I’m still on tour, I feel younger, I’m better looking, I have a better band and I write better songs. I’m happier and Manchester City won the Premier League three times – what more could I ask for?”

He also compared touring with Oasis to touring solo and said:

Completely different. I do this at my own pace, and the band; I wouldn’t be on tour with another set of people. If I could choose any people in the world to tour with, it would be these. They’re great to hang out with and not too expensive – which is important.

I’ve often said to people in my band, ‘None of us here are the best in the world at anything’, do you know what I mean? We’re a group, we make this noise and people love it.

From my own part in it, I’m not the best singer, I’m not the best guitarist, but I’m the best in the fucking world at being me. All these people pay to be me, so it’s fucking easy.”

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