Oasis’ founder member and a famous vocalist Liam Gallagher shared new tweets on his verified and official Twitter page and shared his feelings about his beloved mother and his lovely niece Anais.

Here is what Liam wrote:

“My sincere apologies to my beautiful mum Peggy and my lovely niece Anais for getting caught up in all of this childish behaviour I love you both dearly LG x”

A user named Northerness shared his opinion and said:

“Good for you for apologising to your mum and niece. Hope you and your brother can also apologise to each other one day and genuinely mean it – life is too short!”

Another user named Liamatis commented:

“You don’t have a bad bone in your body, Liam. You may have messaged your niece, but the only one who’s systematically letting filth out of her mouth and being disturbingly offensive is Sarah. It’s disgusting and painful to see. You’re the better person here. Sending you love 🖤”

You can see the tweets below.