Bring Me The Horizon’s Oli Sykes recently revealed to NME the moment he realized that his band had become a prominent figure on the metal scene.

For most bands, it’s not easy to be artistically recognized and reach an international audience in a considerably short amount of time. Bring Me The Horizon, however, managed to stand out through the crowd and take its place at the front.

The band has achieved great commercial success in the last decade. With their lively stage performances complimented by heavy drum beats and raw guitar riffs, BMTH drastically gained popularity and worldwide recognition.

The vocalist Oli Sykes recalled how the popularity felt and what it was like to be under the spotlight and reach wider audiences. Sykes said BMTH’s success has given him a new perspective, helped him understand his roots as a musician, and improved the lyrical depth of the band’s songs.

As the band started to be recognized by major publications worldwide and their works received praise from critics, Sykes felt that he had finally made it. He explained that he had self-doubts about his career, and BMTH being embraced by the audience and critics had finally proved to him the fact that the band was successful.

The musician stated the following:

“It really meant a lot for those big publications to be saying ‘You are a decent band.’ It’s like we needed that reassurance from outside voices, even though that tour [UK Arena Tour] was the first time I could actually look out at the crowd and say to myself, ‘You’ve made it. You’re OK; you’re safe.'”

You can check out the band’s latest release below.