Turkish metal band One More Page has released their official video for “Shamanic Ritual” from their late album “Illusion of Duality”.

The band released their album (March, 2017) by the name of “Illusion of Duality” on major digital distribution channels like Spotify, Amazon, Deezer and Google Play etc.

The album has 10 songs along with an intro in the album. All songs directing to the same point from different angles with different stories. Perception is the mainframe of the thoughts channeled through this album.

The band rather prefer to invite their fans into a ritual instead of a concert to make connection. Most of the songs in the album are in English to reach global audience easier.

Song and lyrics belongs to One More Page and they recorded their album on Studio Opus 36 (Izmir/Turkey) which was edited/mixed/mastered by Ertugrul Gul afterwards.

The official video was directed by Mete Kekilli.

You can reach the full album from the links here: YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play.