Legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen’s son and bass guitarist of the band, Wolfgang Van Halen, responded to a question he got from the fan on Instagram and revealed one of the most wondered mysteries about Eddie Van Halen.

As you might already know, Eddie Van Halen made an agreement with Fender before a while, and he has been selling the signature products of his band under the name of EVH.

Additionally, Wolfgang uses the guitar from EVH’s ‘Wolfgang Stealth Bass Prototype,’ and most of the fans are trying to buy it online. However, EVH has never sold this signature bass guitar of Wolfgang.

Today, Wolfgang shared a picture of this guitar and showed how perfect guitar it is. Afterward, one of the fans wanted to end the mystery about why Wolfgang’s signature bass guitar is not on sale.

Wolfgang replied to this fan and stated that he tried to sell this guitar, but he doesn’t know why they are not doing it. Also, he made a guess and said that maybe Fender wasn’t interested in selling this bass guitar.

Here is what Wolfgang said:

“Wolfgang’s Wolfgang Bass.”

A fan named Gabe Treiyer added this comment:

“Never understood why EVH never released it as a mass production instrument.”

Wolfgang replied:

“Hey man, I tried. These basses rule. Don’t know what happened. I guess Fender wasn’t interested.”

You can check out the post below.

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Wolfgang’s Wolfgang Bass.

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