Opeth singer Mikael Åkerfeldt spoke in a recent interview with Loudersound and talked about the time when they signed with Music For Nations label.

Music For Nations is an independent music label company that was founded back in 1983, and they have worked with famous bands such as Manowar, Opeth, Metallica, Anthrax, Exodus, and many more.

In the conversation, Mikael revealed how they ended up signing a contract with Music For Nations who basically didn’t give them any other choice. According to Mikael, Opeth was working with another record label, Peaceville, but Music For Nations forced them to sign a contract with them as they were threatening to withdraw support from Peaceville.

Even though Mikael was flattered to be in the same label company with many great bands, he also felt angry because he’s a loyal guy and wanted to continue with Peaceville, but they didn’t have any choice but to make an agreement with Music For Nations.

This is what Mikael Åkerfeldt said in the interview on signing a contract with Music For Nations:

“They nicked us! We were supposed to be with Peaceville for five or six records and had done one, but Hammy called me up one day to say that Music For Nations was threatening to withdraw support from the Peaceville catalog and stock if Opeth couldn’t sign to them. Now, I’m a very loyal guy, so I wanted to support Hammy.

At the same time, there was a shallow part of me that thought, ‘I’m now on the same label as Manowar, Mercyful Fate and Metallica.’ I was flattered, but also angry because we didn’t have a say.”

Later in the conversation, Mikael also talked about meeting with another Swedish band, Katatonia, and revealed the relationship between the band members by saying that they were hanging out a lot.