We talked with Fredrik Akesson from Opeth before Istanbul concert.

Metalhead Zone: Hey Fredrik. You`ll be free till live show in Greece at 20 March. And we heard about a documentary called ”Axemen of Sweden” last month which is about you. Are you interested in with this project right now? Can you say anything about its release date?

Fredrik Akesson: The documentary is about several Swedish Guitarists. You can find out Moore about it on the website. I already recorded my part before the last tour we did. It might be out in May I think.

Metalhead Zone: Pale Communion was one of the most successful albums of last year. And our visitors voted the album as one the four best album of 2014’s. Generally are you pleased with fan reaction for the Pale Communion?

Fredrik Akesson: OK glad to hear that! It has been received well on the tours we have done so far. I think the new songs work fine with the older songs live even though they are a bit different. I think they sound a bit heavier live than on the album.

Metalhead Zone: You joined to Opeth in 2007 and recorded Watershed, Heritage and Pale Communion. They’ve totally different sounds and musical consideration. Which one of them most appeal to you? If it will be your call, which one will you trace?

Fredrik Akesson: I’m proud of them all one reason is that they are all very different from each other and I like that. But if I have to choose it might be Watershed as it has a lot of spices in it and I like a rich flavour.

Metalhead Zone: Which Opeth album that recorded before you joined the band do you like most? Why?

Fredrik Akesson: Ghost reveries-Mike just once again took his writing to yet another level. It is to me an amazing album that keeps you interested all the way through.

Metalhead Zone: We know that Mikael gave a break to brutal vocal. Is this situation going to continue? If you decide to go with clean vocal, can we hear something like Damnation album? Or will you go totaly different?

Fredrik Akesson: Mikael still growls live and enjoys it. I think it has to do with that the songs on the 2 previous albums didn’t need the screams so it would have been kinda cheesy just to have them there. But it’s not ruled out for the future.

Metalhead Zone: On the next October in London it’s gonna be special concert for Opeth’s 25 and Ghost Reveries’ 10. year. It’s gonna be one special night no doubt. What do you think about it?

Fredrik Akesson: I’m really excited about those shows. I think we will do a few more than just the London show, it’s being planned right now. It’s challenging to play almost a 3 hour set and some of the song we haven’t played live before.

Metalhead Zone: Is there any chance for a little ‘bar adventure‘ before the show in Turkey? Last time you did a surprise and played 3 songs at Dorock Bar. Does the band think something like that?

Fredrik Akesson: Haha it was very spontaneous and I think some of us might have been a little too drunk. It was a great night and we had a lot of fun:-) see what happens this time.

Metalhead Zone: Last time you were in Turkey, Mikael has had funny speech about Ibrahim Tatlises and his funny, sexy mustache. And we know that, band or Mikael is actually like Ibrahim Tatlises. Also his name was in group’s website. Do you know about Mikael and Ibrahim Tatlises? Are they really close? Did they meet in somewhere?

Fredrik Akesson: Yes I know Mikael listens to Ibrahim’s music  some times. But I’m not sure if they have met.

Metalhead Zone: Your last show’s setlists made me and many of the fans happy. How do you choose old songs cause Opeth has really many options.

Fredrik Akesson: It is difficult,we try to change it up but we also want to promote the latest album. We want people to be happy when they walk home from the show. We have meetings and discuss and keep in mind what we played last time. The set you will hear now is very similar to the one we played on the last tour in Europe.

Metalhead Zone: Can you say just one word for the Opethians who are waiting to see your amazing show at Istanbul and Ankara?

Fredrik Akesson: Metal!

Metalhead Zone: Thank you so much for answering our questions. We’ll be in the front rank at your Istanbul show.

Fredrik Akesson: Thank you! Really looking forward  to play in front of you guys again.

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