Progressive metal legends, Opeth, is working on a new studio album right now, mastermind Mikael Akerfeldt confirmed in a recent interview with Metal Hammer.

Interviever said “speaking of the new album, what’s the latest from the Opeth camp? Have you made a lot of progress?”, Akerfeldt responded:

I have, actually. I told myself I’d be taking a break, maybe even a sabbatical or something, after the last tour but I think I lasted until after Xmas. I was definitely in the studio before New Year’s.

I started writing in December last year and I’ve got a lot of music – I think I’ve got about an hour and a half’s worth of material, but I’m going to take it easy. I’m going to be very methodical and listen to a lot of stuff I’ve done and just make sure there’s no gaps of any kind on the next album. That feels important to me.”

Interviever said “you’ve got this new DVD coming out. What are your memories of performing at Red Rocks?”, Akerfeldt responded:

“It was freezing, it was very windy but it was so beautiful! The venue is really high up and I think you can see all the way to Denver. It was a beautiful evening and a beautiful amphitheatre but we were quite nervous because we were filming, of course.

We’ve played some really nice venues and I can’t say what my top five is, but I think Red Rocks would be in there.”

Opeth’s new live album, “Garden of the Titans”, was released on November 2, 2018. You can watch the official trailer from below.

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