Opeth frontman Mikael Akerfeldt revealed his new project, when he talked with Revolver Magazine. Akerfeldt have some demos with a rap band. He sing some rap with Katatonia frontman Jonas Renkse. He tells Revolver:

“I haven’t spoken about this a lot in interviews, but I have done demos with a rap band I had with Jonas, the singer from Katatonia.

We were poor, we had no money, we had shitloads of spare time because our bands weren’t going anywhere – so we made these demos, and one of them was a rap group we had.

So I have done some rap – in Swedish.

Rovelver asked, can we listen this songs, Mikael replied:

“Well, they’re shit. They’re absolute shit! We can’t have been too old, doing something like that. All we did was smoke cigarettes, drink coffee and record these stupid fucking side projects.

We had a country band, a rap band… we had one band where the music was just farts. And it was named Heinz, after Heinz beans.

I’m not sure I’d want them to blow up on the internet, but it might be fun to sit down with someone I really respect and say, ‘Listen to this!’

Maybe someday, we will listen these rap songs, singing Mikael Akerfeldt.