In an interview with That Jamieson Show, Orianthi recalled the time she had to run away from a scary Alice Cooper fan in Russia and confirmed that she had a severe injury since it was also heavily snowing.

As you may know, the talented Australian musician Orianthi was announced as the touring guitarist of Alice Cooper back in 2011. Until she was resigned in June 2014, Orianthi participated in two world tours with Cooper.

Orianthi is widely known for being the first female member of Alice Cooper, however, her replacement with Nita Strauss caused a controversy among the two talented guitarists’ fanbase.

Recently, Orianthi joined an interview with That Jamieson Show and talked about her time with the Alice Cooper band. She mentioned that she had an amazing time working with Alice Cooper and stressed that she has learned a lot from that experience.

Here’s what Orianthi stated about her experience with Alice Cooper:

“Oh my god, I had the best time working with Alice! And I can’t thank Alice enough for including me into a part of his rock and roll family when he called me up.

Steve Hunter, who was part of the band at that time too, he’s an incredible player, and we had a great time. I mean, it was just full-on, and then being part of the show too where there are pythons, real swords – you have to avoid getting stabbed or bitten. Every night was so cool.

In addition, during the conversation, Orianthi was asked to reveal whether she had any mishaps on stage during the course of her career. Yet, she recalled an unknown memory of hers getting injured after being chased by an Alice Cooper fan.

Apparently, back when she was touring with Alice Cooper in Russia, a furious fan, who was dressed as Alice Cooper with a snake around his neck, started running after Orianthi. Since there was snow everywhere, Orianthi fell down and broke her ankle. Even though she hadn’t told about it to Cooper, it was impossible for him to realize her swollen ankle when she finally got to the tour bus.

Here is what Orianthi said about breaking her ankle while running away from a fan:

“I broke my ankle running away from some scary fan, it was in Russia somewhere, on snow.

That was kind of weird; he had a hat on, he was dressed as Alice Cooper with a snake around his neck, and he was running after me, and I was going into the bus, and I slipped on the snow and broke my ankle.

And I had to play the show that night too, so just took some painkillers and got up there, and didn’t tell Alice until afterward. He came on the bus, ‘Oh my god!’ Because my ankle was double the size and blue. For three to four years I was part of that circus and it was so much fun.”

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