Dave Evans was a member of AC/DC from the band’s inception in 1973 until 1974. During a recent interview with The Metal Voice, he has revealed the story of how Bon Scott got his place.

He also shared a little-known fact about Bon Scott. According to Dave, ‘Bon Scott was an actor that could play different roles, he was very good at show business’.

He stated:

“We were already a very popular band in Australia and Can I sit next to you girl, was a big hit record for us in a lot of states, a top 5, it played on the hour, every hour on the radio. We were actually named the best Australian record of the year for 1974. The band was really hot. When Bon Scott joined the band we were already hot.”

He continued:

“Bon Scott was very lucky to join the band that was red hot like AC/DC. Bon was a nice enough fellow, there was never any hassle between me and him. Bon was a guy from the 1960’s, Bon was 29 at the time which was ancient when you are 21 years old. Bon was like a hippie.

Bon was washed up at the time, he had a band called Fraternity they broke up he got a chance to join AC/DC and he did a great job. Bon Scott was an actor cause his first band he was in the Valentines, they were a pop band and he used to wear his satin clothes and he was a pop guy and he did that well.

Then in the hippie era came in he joined Fraternity and he used to look like a Hippie and he did it well. Then when he joined AC/DC they were a rock band, then Bon took the shirt off and did the Rock thing.

Bon Scott was an actor that could play different roles, he was very good at show business, he knew what was required and he did a really good job and of course he wrote some great songs.”

Listen to the entire interview below.