Original Metallica guitarist Lloyd Grant spoke in an interview with The Ex Man Podcast and revealed the unheard story about how they created “thrash metal”. He said (transcriped by Ultimate-Guitar):

“Well, ’81-’82 is just about when we started playing. And one day I went over to Lars’ apartment – his parents lived in Newport Beach. We go over there and he says, ‘Hey, some guy [James Hetfield] sent me a tape.’

He played it for me and it was ‘Hit the Lights’ [which James originally wrote with his old band Leather Charm]. It was right in our alley – that’s what we would like to do, and that started it.

You listen to the compilation album [Metal Blade’s 1982’s compilation “Metal Massacre I,” the first release to ever feature a Metallica song, which was “Hit the Lights”], there wasn’t any band that was doing stuff like that.

It was a mixture between punk and heavy metal. And that became speed metal. But it was not like LA glam rock or hardcore punk, it was right in between.”

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